Here are some examples of projects we have undertaken, showing both the benefit to the client business and briefly outlining the technologies used.

    • Automation
    • Streamline
    • PHP
    • C#

    Automating Production

    It’s possible in a few companies to get by with very little technology, but for the rest there are decisions to be made, equipment to be bought and processes to be laid down. If you’re an expert in anything other than technology, you might not be able to solve those problems easily.

    As an example of a problem we helped to solve, there was a small factory that had a couple of ecommerce websites, selling directly to consumers and making on demand. They had a production management system and a team taking telephone orders.

    Each process had a separate evolution, created by different teams to solve different problems, except over time they had been brought together in a perfect example of the spaghetti approach.