There comes a time in every SMEs life when you come across an opportunity so big and lucrative that you just have to grab it with both hands. It’s exactly the kind of deal you were dreaming of, but never quite had time to prepare for. It’s the bridge you would cross when you came to it, and now you’ve come to it. And it’s all got a bit panicky.

It’s a great problem to have, but it is a problem, and just the sort of thing that TwinkleBob Solutions love to solve.

Our client builds technology for car parks — software for issuing and enforcing tickets. What they didn’t have was a good way of providing long term permits, and yet this was exactly what a huge potential customer — a local council, to be precise — was asking for.

The company had built bits of a system that might be able to meet this need but they didn’t have anything that was ready to go. So we looked at what they had and analysed the gap between that and the final product; we had our work cut out for us.

We needed extend the architecture and build out the back end. This then needed to be connected to a front end that included two user interfaces: one for the customer, and another for the council staff to manage the permits.

The completed system was exactly what the local authority needed. The best part? This was to become only the first of such large contracts for our clients; other customers got FOMO and decided they needed something similar!

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