When a CRM system perfectly matches a company’s business model, it becomes a frictionless interface between the business and its customers. When it doesn’t, everything is expensive, time-consuming and frustrating. That’s why TwinkleBob Solutions were commissioned to perform a CRM migration for a multinational company.

Their old system had grown organically with the business, or perhaps “mutated” describes it better. Either way, it was no longer fit for purpose. The software was clunky, outdated and was no longer compliant with the relevant standards. So we needed something completely different, a system that would direct support tickets to the right person, on the right team, in the right country. It had to be fast, efficient and, ultimately, lead to happier customers. The problem? There wasn’t a solution on the market that was able to do all of that at the desired budget. So we rolled our sleeves up and built that solution.

We started with Oracle Service Cloud because the core functionality was just what we needed and, as they say, why reinvent the wheel? We started by closely analysing the needs of the business and using this opportunity to build exactly what was needed from the ground up. This all included a new resource planning module, a new security model and various other additional architecture. The best thing about it was that, because we got to look at the business model up close, we now had a CRM that would scale with the business and meet its ongoing needs exactly.

And the new solution not only met, but exceeded all the requirements; the time to answer each support ticket fell dramatically and has stayed low, even under increasing load. Ah, the beauty of a bespoke system!

Photo credit: Knoxville Area Transit on Visual hunt / CC BY-SA