Here I was thinking through a new design for the TwinkleBob main site (coming soon) and I just started to think through design principles.

Just because at the birth of the web everything was fairly flat and square because it was, why is it now? How many site designs do you see where it’s basically square but they’ve just tried to soften corners? I’m guilty of doing that one myself!

The question is, given the chance to start again with the technology we have before us, would we necessarily choose to make our websites as square and ordered, or would we be a little more adventurous with our design?

One key thing to think about, however, is readability and user experience. Just as function over form is boring, form over function tends towards unusable - everything must be a balance of good design and usability.

I haven’t quite decided where I’m going to go with design, but I’m going to aim to avoid the norm and do something extraordinary!