Collabtive is a surprisingly powerful open source PHP-based project management solution, one that I’ve started using in-house with some of my upcoming projects (watch this space!) but according to the main site and the GitHub repository there has been no releases since August 2010.

The software is pretty good as it is, but it’s lacking a few features for me - one of the main things I’d like to add is the option for per-project wiki and maybe a global wiki too. Also the default theme is a bit dark and the only other pre-installed theme actually breaks things, so I’d like to try and do something about that.

Given that it’s open source and already on GitHub I’ve taken the liberty of forking the existing project and I’m going to start adding the features I’d like to see.

So if you’d like to see the TwinkleBob version of Collabtive, check out and feel free to get involved!