I like to use my home as a bit of a technology test-bed. Right now I’m investigating setting up an advanced telephone system in my home, making use of our single analogue line and a couple of internet phone systems.

The plan is to allow everyone on the house to make calls as cheaply as possible and also allow things like transferring calls between people as well as better voicemail, as well as being able to answer the “home” phone when out and about, thanks to a compatible app on our mobiles.

It will also allow us, thanks to the wonders of internet telephony, to have landline numbers in one of a number of countries for absolutely no charge (c.f. ipkall.com).

I’ll be posting updates here as I go, but if you’re interested in adding a couple of telephone lines or adding the capabilities of an advanced telephone system in your home or office for a fraction of the cost, then please get in contact now. Anyone in the Penwith area of Cornwall who wants to come on board during my learning period will be given preferential rates.

So far I have all of my equipment, I’m just slowly going through the process of setting everything up, which doesn’t seem to be as painful as I expected… Famous last words?

Update: Next installment is available: A home PBX? Surely that’s expensive?