We want to help your business refocus on the things that matter most and use technology to take care of as much of the rest as possible, when you get it right it will make your life easier and your business more profitable.

We provide businesses with different solutions, depending on which types of problems they need solving. Typically this falls into one of two camps:

  1. For Software Companies, or development teams, we can help you conquer legacy code, deliver new features and squash bugs, improve your workflows and get the best out of your existing code and your team.
  2. For Other Businesses we can assist in digital transformation: getting technology to work for you to save you time and money.
In all cases we will use our technical expertise to help you Organise, Simplify, Streamline and Automate.

Latest Posts

    • Site News
    • TwinkleBob

    New website live

    NEWSFLASH: The new website is finally here!

    It’s nothing flashy, but it’s simple and clean and mobile device friendly.

    Expect more improvements in the coming weeks.

    • Collabtive
    • Open Source
    • Project Management

    Collabtive's death has been greatly exaggerated

    So it seems like Collabtive, the open source project management platform that I use and have promoted here in the past, is not nearly as dead as I thought it was!

    It turns out I had found (and had been following) a different repository on GitHub and not an official one. The official GitHub repository seems to show that it was last updated within the last week.

    This is great news and as soon as I get a chance I’ll be updating the version I’m running, I’ll also look at maybe getting involved in it’s development.

    • Automation
    • IFTTT.com
    • Integration

    IFTTT helps to integrate

    I’ve written an article for Geek-Speak.co.uk about the usefulness of IFTTT.com as a tool for integration and automation for both our online and off-line worlds.

    • Design
    • User Experience
    • Web Development

    Website Design

    Contrary to an earlier post (Who said websites had to be square?) I’ve been reviewing some of my design choices and standards, particularly in view of some other sites I’ve been visiting regularly.


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